Saturday, 2 February 2008

It's not my fault !

I have some complaints; I suppose most of them should go to Gina who I must admit if it weren’t for her I would not be blogging today. Blogging has NOT taken over my life; it has just filled in all my free time, not that I had much free time anyway.

I now find myself doing things I never would have imagined in a month of Sunday’s doing. A few months ago I would have said doing these things was a waste of time.

Now I know it is time wasting but I think it is too late, I am addicted and could well have to find a therapy group to get back to my old self which was only stitching the things I should be getting on with, sensible things like lesson plans, demo articles and instruction sheets.

Through looking at Gina’s blog I have found a lot more interesting, fascinating and hysterically funny blog’s to watch on a weekly basis. So now the blame for this new life must go further. Among the ones I also lay the blame for my crazy actions are Lesley, and Lucy (who by the way has also enticed me into a valentines day swap to take more of my time away from what I really should be doing) and the wonderful and mad Monkee maker.

Over the last couple of months I have lost hours looking at what other people are up to, smiling at the funnies, laughing at their antics, sympathising when things go wrong and being wowed by the work they do in a week.

But this week has been the absolute worst. I have had time to get my pieces ready for the exhibition at Cottenham, I have had time to do my lesson notes for the month of February and I have had time to do my part of our group project for New Horizons Textile Group. I have also picked up my new embellishing machine so I have had time to do lots of samples on it and get used to it.

And what have I been doing?………………….

Making a SOCK MONKEY………………can you believe it?

And now he is taking over my life.

He sits on the embellisher box and won't let me open it

Lounges around on the sofa encouraging me to think of other silly things to do.

And sits on top of the pile of baskets full of jobs to do looking down on me whenever I go near my sewing machine to do something sensible.

THANKS GINA ! ! ! ! and all the other bloggers I follow, you have changed my life...........

The one thing I haven’t done is give him a name, any ideas?

I am going out this afternoon. I am going to my local Embroiderers Guild Informal Afternoon meeting.

(I might do something else silly if I stay in with this ridiculous monkey)

One of our members is doing a demonstration on ‘One Stitch’.
I rang her earlier to ask what to bring for this hand stitching session. ‘But you don’t do hand stitching’ she said.

There are a lot of things I didn’t used to do, so I might as well join in with this as well. I will let you know how it works out.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I really laughed reading this post! SO glad we have corrupted you!!!!

As for a name for your miscreant monkey - I think he looks a bit of a convict so you need a name that suits like Porridge or Norman Stanley Fletcher/Fletch? Can't think of anything else!

Looking forward to hearing what you call him!

lucy x

zquilts said...

I am not a big fan of sock monkees - but yours is an absolute delight! I could even be coerced ...nah ! Happy weekend!

Julie said...

Glad to hear someone else has been coerced to the dark side! lol!! I too have been lured away from my usual painting into the world of fibre, handstitching and embellishing, not to mention blogging. I am now a recluse living in blogland - well nearly! I make the odd sortie to buy fabric and supplies.
Black and white stripes? Humbug!

Gina said...

I would like to tell you I'm sorry... but I'm not! Pleased to know I'm not the only one afflicted by this compulsion to spend time doing absolutely everything except what I should be doing! Welcome to this crazy word Stephanie!

I'm always useless at names but I like Julie's suggestion of Humbug... but then again, Fletch is good too!

Gina x

May Kristin said...

Your monkey, hmm, with those stripes.... may be Jail-house rock'a monkey???? He's cute!
And when we are talking about jail..., I know I should plead guilty, but I will not!
Glad to have you here in blogland!
Thank you for commenting on my post about old days and the giveaway! I am sorry to say you didn't win.
Ps. May be we should start a supporting group for AAB (Anonymous Addicted Bloggers)? I surely could need one!
Take care!

Fannie said...

Great post, had me laughing several times as I could relate to many of your comments. Love your blog.