Monday, 25 February 2008

Lost and Found

I have explained on an earlier post about the Cyber Fyber Exhibition that Susan Lentz is setting up in Colombia USA next year and I also know that many of you are joining in with the trades of postcards and ATC’s on her blog site. I joined this trading fairly early when only a few cards had been traded. I duly chose my postcard to trade with Susan and contacted her by email and we both sent off our cards.
This is where things went wrong, Susan sends all her postcards and ATC’s out in an envelope so all should be safe. Or so you would think!

This is the card that I asked to trade with Susan.

Susan’s envelope arrived quite quickly here in the UK only it was delivered in a polythene bag saying that the post office was sorry that there was damage or missing items from the envelope. MISSING……….YES……..Susan’s postcard to me was gone, the envelope ripped open and the postcard taken.

When ringing the post office here in the UK I was told that it was the sender that had to complain so I had to contact Susan and tell her the terrible news. Susan was extremely good about it and intends to show the details of the loss of the card in her exhibition next year. My first trade choice will be shown as ‘Gone Postal’ a term used in the states !!

Susan and I arranged a second trade and after the postal system keeping me waiting for much too long it finally turned up trumps this week and delivered Susan’s envelope, which was to my relief, intact.

Susan had sent me this wonderful card that I had chosen to trade with her and as a very special treat she had also included another piece of her artwork. How lucky am I?

Thanks so much Susan and I wish you so much luck for the success in your Cyber Fyber Exhibition in January 2008. I think that there may be a couple left to trade if you pop over there quickly.


Vicki W said...

All's well that ends well! Both cards were worth the wait!

Susan D said...

Weird!!! My envelope had been opened as well, but luckily the postcard was still inside.

Fannie said...

You are lucky, Stephanie!