Sunday, 24 February 2008

My Sweet Valentine

I have been very remiss in not doing enough work in letting you know what is going on related to my internet interests so I have just spent the last two hours catching up on writing out my posts for the next while or so. It is going to take ages to upload the photos for these posts so I am not going to do them all today. Look out for more from me over the next week or so, as now I have written my notes it should not take me long to get the posts sorted out with the correct photos (I hope). I didn’t realise I had been doing so much.

I recently joined in with Lucy’s Valentine swap and it was very interesting collecting the things for my swap partner, Sara. I tried to keep to the rules (including a handmade item) and also keep the parcel full of things that Sara may like and use on her craft items. I duly sent my parcel off to Sara knowing that with young children and it being half term on the 14th she would be very occupied. The excitement of waiting for my parcel didn’t last too long as soon the postman appeared with a package. Wow Sara.

In my excitement I ripped the package open to find pretty pink tissue wrapped gifts tumble out.

The first one opened contained a hand made heart with a dainty and precise crocheted heart in white cotton.

The second parcel had inside another hand made gift, a pincushion along with a brilliant tapestry ribbon.

This was really getting exciting so ripping the tissue paper off the third one I was delighted to see buttons, ribbons and lace fall out along with some delightful coloured hearts.

There was one left now so I carefully (different that isn’t it) unwrapped the tissue paper and was wowed with such an assortment of goodies I couldn’t believe. There was binding and bows, embellishments to die for, a stamper pen with a heart shaped stamp on one end, a love stamp to use on card and fabric and best of all some really delicious Green and Black’s organic creamy vanilla white chocolate.

My favourite, yummy, thanks so much Sara and more thanks to Lucy for arranging this Valentine swap.

I have more fun to look forward to as I have now signed up for Lucy’s Easter swap, this means I have to make an Easter card and Easter bunny for Polly. Oops, should I really have done this, after looking at Polly’s blog I found that she is really clever and I have never made an rabbit of any description before, the worry is starting to set in already, I haven’t even got any idea where to go for a pattern. And shall I stitch it or knit it. HELP.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

No no no no NOOOOOOO! Don't get stressed about the bunny swap! It will be fun and it will be fine!!!!! Good patterns are available to sew from Melly and Me (available from The Fat Quarters or Buttonberry) and Tilda's "Crafting Springtime Gifts" and there is a lovely knitted one in Debbie Bliss' Toy Knits. (but you probably knew that already!!!!)

Love all your goodies from Sara - I'm so glad the Valentine's swap was such a success! (I've even got swap no.3 in mind - a doll quilt swap this time - but I'll wait at least a month..............!)

Lucy x

saraeden said...

Im so glad you liked everything ... i will take new pictures of the lovely things you sent me now i have my new camera !!!

Sara x