Saturday, 26 January 2008

Postcards and more postcards

I have had a very busy week and although I have been excited and pleased that I have received loads of postcards from my postcard exchange group, I have just not had time to photograph them and do a post about them. So I have quite a few for you to look at.

The first one is from Monica in Australia and had a very nice message written on it. The front of the card had a background of many pieces of fabric and free machine quilting with the addition of a fabric picture of a kangaroo, very apt.

All the way from Japan came a postcard from Anna, she is out there with her husband and children as hubby is a member of the American forces. She found some really delightful fabric with ‘Russian Dolls’ on it and added a Russian doll of her own with embroidery too.

Next came a very patriotic postcard from Charlotte in Lottsburg VA. The flag has glitter all over it and Charlotte wrote a lovely note on her card.

Marge in Mayfield PA has sent a very interesting postcard with appliqué and also some stencilling with fabric paints.

I received a second card from Australia, this was from Michelle who had applied small pictures of a fish, lizard and the only one I knew the name of, a duck billed platypus on the front of her card.

Pretty as a picture, a cuddly cat with a pink embroidered ‘MEOW on came from Suzy in San Diego.

I have now received twelve postcards from my exchange group and have sent out fourteen, I have another ten to make and hope to get them done this week.


zquilts said...

Oh! What a cool exchange...and what fabulous cards you have received!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Those postcards are brilliant - what are the ones you sent like? (You've probably already shown them but I've missed it!)

Lucy x

Gina said...

What a lovely variety of cards Stephanie - I bet they look lovely all displayed together.

Gina x

Fannie said...

Nice cards, Stephanie. Do you display them in a certain way?