Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Lucky books

Luckily youngest son is determined to extend his knowledge in music. The latest thing is studying for his grade 8 theory exam. To do this he apparently cannot do without two vital books from Amazon. Like the good mother I am I offered to order them immediately and while doing this I thought it was wise to reduce my wish list by a couple of books. They were delivered exceptionally quickly.

Now this one should get me using more ‘stuff’ (this is a technical term for things that I had to buy in the past few years which would be life changing) from the cupboards and drawers in the workroom.

And this one should effectively use up all my wool, threads, buttons and embellishments. (If they are the right colour of course, if not I will just have to buy more!)

Monday, 17 March 2008

Oh no, it's pink!

Pink has arrived in my life. When I was small I was a bit of a tomboy so I really didn’t like pink. I didn’t change as I grew up and after having three boys there was no reason to have pink in my life. It has even become quite a thing with my students; as they all know that I hate pink so give me the task of saying nice things about things they have stitched in pink. Don’t get me wrong; I can appreciate things made in pink and actually really like them just so I don’t have to have them in my life.

When my son blessed me with a grandchild, it was with much relief that I found I had another boy in my life. I am used to boys, they wear loads of different colours but luckily never pink. I have made lots of quilts for my young grandson and most of them are made with fabrics in bright colours that say life is fun. I rarely do pastels and if I ever do, ‘I don’t do pink’.

Well until now.

Just over a week ago we had a phone call to tell us that we had a great niece in the family. Madison Victoria has arrived in our lives so what else can you do but make this very young lady a quilt to welcome her. For some strange reason I had the need to make her a pink quilt.

One problem, no pink. No problem, I love shopping.

I thought I would find it difficult but it wasn’t. I soon returned home with a bundle of pinks in my hand and couldn’t wait to get cutting, stitching and quilting. So in no time at all I had this little project finished and on it’s way to its new owner.

She is such a beautiful baby, so petite and so deserving a pretty pink quilt. There is no other colour that would suit at her small age. I know it will not be used as a cover (safety requires that no layered item be used for bedding on small babies) but the new Mum can lay her upon it and she can be as cute as a button on her pretty pink quilt.

On to more serious things, it was the Chilford Spring Quilt Fair at the weekend and I set off with a friend to enjoy the day, look at the quilts on display and see what was new in the world of patchwork and quilting after a long cold winter.

I came home with these delicious fabrics.

What has happened to me, not only am I buying PINK I have also succumbed to gingham !!!! But won’t she look cute with a quilt in these colours.

Don’t worry though, I also bought this and some really nice fleece with dumpers, diggers and trucks on for my grandson…………..and it’s blue!!!!

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Poetic Postcards

I joined a poetic postcard exchange some time ago, this was with a very busy group and it was really interesting to see all the different cards that were sent out all over the world. There were only five cards to make and exchange, which was not hard to do, I quite like the way that some groups have small exchanges and you can make just 4 or 5 cards in a particular theme.

This one from Dove has wonderful soft colouring and is a photograph which has been printed onto fabric with a line from William Blake. To add interest on the card, Dove has added images of a turtle, butterfly and flowers with crystal centres.

Edna’s card is hand stitched and hand embroidered with metallic paper, buttons, lace, and a hand stitched face on the figure. The verse on the card says "Friends are angels who Lift us to our feet When our wings have trouble remembering how to fly".

Cindy used photography and printing onto fabric for her card, choosing a delicious flower with a simple verse, 'And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom’!

Tina used a larger format than most postcard senders but it was a really lovely card with the poem, 'A Red, Red, Rose’ by Robert Burns. Most of my postcards come from the States but this one was from Ontario from a lady that was born in Petersfield, England.

As I said most of my cards come to me by Airmail but this last one did not have to go too far, it came from bonny Scotland from a lady called Heather. Heather had written her own small poem on the card, which was very artistically made with a variety of mixed media, this one had a blanket-stitched edge.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Try this blog!

I hope that this works and I am giving you a chance to join in Phyl's birthday give away. Not much time to click and win! Enjoy the blog too, I did.

Act quickly! This Give-A-Way ends at 9:00 a.m. EST on Tuesday, March 11, 2008. For more information, click the image.

Monday, 3 March 2008

More Dorset Buttons

I have received more artwork from my postcard exchange friends so did some quick photos to show you how lucky I am being involved in the swaps with my exchange group.

This birdhouse is from Debbie in MA who loves birdhouses of any kind so made one for me. She has added a dragonfly, flower and ladybug to embellish the card and trimmed it with lime green ric rac. Brilliant stuff, Debbie.

As well as my postcard exchange group, I belong to a couple of other yahoo groups one of which is FAT, who are a very busy group and have a variety of exchanges and swaps going on at the same time. When I joined the group they opened a Dorset Button swap, and you will see from an earlier post that I made some of these and joined in with the swap. I of course also received some Dorset Buttons back and have at last photographed them for you all to see.

I have grouped the first four but the last one I have left as I received it because I think that the maker arranged it so well, incorporating it into a scene! Hope you like them as much as I do.

More photo's later in the week.