Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Exhibition work

I have just finished collecting together and packing up all the items that I am taking to ‘Textiles in Focus’ at Cottenham tomorrow for the exhibition at the weekend. Along with my exhibition pieces I also am taking things for sale. Over the winter I do like to knit in the evenings so there are quite a few scarves ready for sale. Making boxes is also one of the things I like to do for a change so I have a number of finished boxes to take along. Add in the cushions and the covered books and that adds up to quite a pile before I include the setting up stuff!

If you are around the Cambridge area, do try to catch the exhibition and have a look, as it is always a good display of work and plenty of yummy traders.

I haven’t taken photos of all the items but here are some of them.
First the exhibition pieces all exhibited as part of New Horizons Textile Group

Small wall hanging ‘Fallen Leaves’

Another small wall hanging, ‘Autumn’

These two were experimental pieces, I did do postcard sized pieces first then went on to this size. I am not sure if I will take them further.

‘Eruption’ a wall hanging made at an Erica Carter master class at the Festival of Quilts

‘Discover’ this was a wall hanging that was displayed at the Festival of quilts 2006

Long and Skinny, New Zealand fabric Challenge, ‘Hang on in there’

And here's a detail of the long and skinny

Thread Bowl made for the 3D Text Challenge, if you look closely you will see machine embroidered letter 'A's' around the top edge.

And a then couple of things going onto the sales table,
Covered books, two A5

and one A6

The colours are not very good on these, but you get the idea.

If you do get there on either Friday or Sunday I will be stewarding so call in and say Hello.

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