Sunday, 13 January 2008

A Flower for.................

A few days ago I was having a look at some of my favourite blogs when I saw that Margaret was giving away a bunch of crochet flowers. They looked extremely interesting and fingers flying I put in my request to have one. Margaret got back to me very quickly and to my surprise I got to choose which one I wanted. Margaret runs an extremely interesting blog with the addition of some fantastic photos, do call in there sometime.

This was the flower I chose and the reason I was surprised was that this was the first time I had ‘won’, if that’s what you could call it, anything on the internet. I was really pleased with the flower I chose and when it turned up in the post on Saturday I was thrilled. Margaret had even stitched a brooch bar on the back so that it could be pinned to whatever I wanted.
I was so taken by this flower I dragged out my yarns and rattled through drawers until I found my crochet hooks. I always enjoyed doing crochet but that was many years ago. I keep waiting until it really comes back into fashion but it is always nearly there. I do have to think of something to make for Lucy's swap!!! so away I went and with a bit of difficulty in remembering the stitches I finally came up with this.

It is supposed to be a rose………….I thought it was a bit too big and I had mixed the colours too much so……….Back to the crochet hook and some time later.

I came up with this. I think I might add beads……..what do you think.

This maybe a better angle of the flower

To give you some idea of the scale of these flowers here they are together.

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