Saturday, 19 January 2008

I was supposed to do a long list of things today but I haven’t got a lot done at all. It was the ‘works do’ last night. Well my husband's work's Christmas meal, which they now seem to have after Christmas. I was quite pleased really as we were so busy before Christmas we might not have been able to go. Anyway we both enjoyed ourselves and had a really delicious meal. The company was good and it gives you time to really talk to some of the people you only usually give a passing wave to. Because of this we were very late to bed and a little late rising this morning. The morning went very fast with me only working very slowly so after lunch I gave up on the thinking stuff and got on with some stitching. I made a couple more of the bags from BQL’s bag challenge.

One more for me

And one for my grandson to take his ‘stuff’ to nursery in.
I have really got the hang of these bags now and I think it’s better if you use character type fabrics to personalise the bags if you are giving them as gifts. It also gets rid of some more fabric, I am not exactly stash busting - just making room for some I may need in the future

Classes started back this week and now life is back to it’s busy self. All the ladies came back with lots of enthusiasm and ready to plan, cut and stitch many new projects. There were also lots of ‘show and tells’ of work finished and also started during the holidays.

The postman was also kind to me this week, he popped through the door this cheerful card to make my day and raise my spirits in this cold and damp month. All the way from California, Diane sent this bright and cheery postcard with a red background and a black and white border. The free form flower was also black and white. I still am wowed by all the different ideas used for these postcards.


Anonymous said...

Your bags are beautiful, Stephanie ! You are very talented and I am sincere ! Congratulations !

saraeden said...

Just dropped by to say hello :0)

Sara x

Sue Wild said...

Saw your bags on the BQL blog, what lovely fabrics! Really bright. I hope your grandson will love his.

The Dorset buttons in your post on this site, I live in Dorset and have seen the really, really tiny ones that were made in Victorian times that are displayed in Dorchester Museum. There is a lady who specialises in making the buttons in Swanage and has sold kits, got one though haven't made. Seems you've had fun making these.

Best wishes