Wednesday, 21 May 2008


I’m back!

Yes, finally I am back in blogland, well I really wasn't away for very long, a week away to the sunnier climes was all I had. It was so full of relaxation, rest and reading of novels with no work, ironing, cooking, housework and even sewing that when I got back home I just couldn’t get back into work again.

Just so you know how good my holiday was here are a couple (or more) photo’s of where we were staying.

This is one of the local harbours.

A view of the sea

A local cove

The sky, isn't is wonderful

I then had a fascination with reflections, the boats on the water made some great photo's.

and another

and another

and one at night.

Brilliant holiday, but then I came back home and had to get back to the real world and WORK.

I have had a busy few weeks, lots going on and apart from classes which are always busy I have been making quilts. There have been large ones and small ones. The small ones are rather special as they are for ‘Lucy Lockets Swap’. I joined this swap after being part of the Valentine swap and the Bunny swap that Lucy arranged over the past few months. I had a super parcel from Sara and another brilliant one from Polly so when Lucy set up a mini quilt swap I just couldn’t resist joining in. I just love making quilts, large or small.

This time I have been partnered with Fran who is a really nice person but unfortunately who hasn’t got a blog……… the moment that is. Yes Fran, I think it is about time to come out of the cupboard or where ever it is you are hiding and get your blog set up. You will make a really good blogger as you are a brilliant email writer, much better than I am, I have had quite a few emails from Fran and we have got to know each other quite well. We have now finished our mini quilts, Fran finished hers way before me and has had to wait until I finished mine before we posted off our parcels so they would cross in the post and we would hopefully get them on the same day.

NO, NO, NO, you are not going to see them yet, we are posting today so hopefully if you pop in again soon I will have some photo’s for you. We are both quite excited by the prospect of receiving someone else’s work in the form of a mini quilt.

Watch this space. I am at the moment working on Lucy's mini-quilt so hopefully it won't be long before I show you that one as well.

I know you all have a need to see sewing items so here is one that has moved on a bit since here.
I have been doing more work on this mystery quilt with Bonnie Hunter, the pile of fabric I had for the project is getting smaller and the pile of pieces that are stitched together are getting larger.

I have finished part 2 and made these little units

And a pile of half units for part 3.

Now we are starting to make larger units in part 4, it's beginning to get exciting.

As you can see lots of cutting and stitching and I have still no idea how it is all going to come together.

I am still chopping up fabric and using up scraps that I have had for many years, I am involved in making another couple of mystery quilts. One of which has only just started in the British magazine, Popular Patchwork.

So far I have cut the fabric and made 180 little four patches, some of my students are joining in with this one as it is an ideal project to enjoy over the summer months when there are no classes to go to.

If you can get the magazine it is worth a look, it is a stash buster and should be relatively simple to make even if it goes for a Linus project quilt.

The problem with not blogging for a while, is that now I am thinking of all sorts of things to tell you so I will be back soon with lots more photo’s and things to tell.


Gina said...

Fantastic holiday photos Stephanie and the quilts look really interesting. Great to have you back.

Julie said...

Beautiful Photos Stephanie - lots of scope for creativity.
Many thanks for your comment on my blog this week. Pleased to see you back again. :)

jenclair said...

Loved looking at the holiday photos. Just beautiful!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your holiday looks fantastic and I really can't wait to see what you and Fran have made for each other!!!

Lucy x

Kitty said...

Fabulous photos - thanks for sharing.

Can't wait to see your mini quilts - and I agree that Fran needs to get a blog. She's been commenting here, there and everywhere - we all need to see what she has to say for herself in a blog!

Good to see you back.


Anonymous said...

I love my swap quilt and presents....and then I came to look here and WOW! Do you make Linus projects quilts as well??? We use them in our baby unit!!! That looks like a lovely holiday, you take beautiful photos. Fran