Monday, 26 May 2008

Rainy Monday

Well what do you do on a rainy Bank Holiday Monday – well I sew. It has been so cold I decided to flip the heating on for a while during the day but it was good to just relax. DH was on the computer and DS was playing the piano while I was at the sewing machine.
Due to the time difference, Judy’s instructions for the QFAH project didn’t come through until late afternoon and by then I was well into finishing another project.

No photo’s tonight of the QFAH because it is still in pieces but a picture of this finished top. It is another mystery that I have been following for a few weeks, and yes it is another stash buster but really only with the white fabric. All the coloured fabrics came out of my scrap bin.

It is a little smaller than the twin size it was supposed to be and I have a few blocks left over but it has worked out a good size so thanks to Nancy for all her hard work.


Morah said...

Gee, you have a good excuse of the time difference. I just plain didn't do the next installment of the QFAH. Love the spools & nine patch. Looks really nice.

Kitty said...

How do you work so fast? :-O x

Gina said...

I can't believe how productive you are Stephanie... and such fabulous work. It would take me years to make just one of those quilts. I've had a "proper" quilt on the go since last Easter (2007) and I've still not joined all the blocks up yet! And they are only squares.

Clevelandgirlie said...

Both of these quilts are so pretty and fresh. I love the white backgrounds with the lovely colors. Very nice use of color and design.