Thursday, 22 May 2008

My Mini-Quilt has arrived!

Wow, is only one of the words to say about the luscious parcel that my friendly postman brought me today. My partner in Lucy Locket’s Mini-Quilt Swap 2008, Fran (who by the way still hasn’t got a blog and certainly should have as she is the nicest, funniest person and she can also write so well) Sorry about that Fran but you really must get blogging. Anyway back to what I was going to share with you, Fran’s parcel containing the Mini swap quilt arrived this morning and I did stop myself from ripping the wrapping off and go and find my camera first. When I opened the padded envelope I found these exciting packets wrapped up in the prettiest pink tissue paper.

Of course I opened the squishiest softest one first, good guess that this one would have the mini quilt inside and I wasn’t going to wait any longer, sorry Fran the tissue was torn. My first peek was the label and the great fabric on the back.

Opening it up and turning it over I found the bestest mini-quilt I could ever imagine and in my very favourite colours, isn’t it great, aren’t you all wishing that Fran was your swap partner.

Thank you so much Fran, it is really super and is already up on my wall, I love it.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I am so pleased that I joined this swap not only have I a new friend I also have some one's art on my wall.

And the other parcels, I don't know how I stopped myself ripping the paper off in my excitement, I love all the sequins, ribbon, needles, buttons and ooh the fish, I haven't seen one of those for years, they are just so much fun. You are a naughty girl and way too generous with your gifts.

The next parcel had a cross-stitch kit in that is delightful but the most important thing is that the name of it is 'Best Friends'.

That is special, as are all the things you have sent. Another thank you to you for this special card, can you see the cheeky pussy cat!

BUT, we really want you to start Blogging Fran; you will be brilliant at it.

But as Fran hasn't got a blog just yet, this is the mini-quilt I sent to her.

And as this mini-quilt swap is now revealed we must also give Lucy Locket a huge thank you for making all this happen..............Thanks Lucy.................


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh! Thanks for your thanks but no thanks needed! I love organising these swaps - especially when I get to see all the wonderful goodies! Your quilt from Fran is lovely and all your goodies - how fab that she sent you a fortune teller fish!!!! She really does need to get her blog up and running!

And the quilt you have made for her is beautiful!!!!! I'm terrified now of making one for you!

Thank you for being such a wonderful swap participant!

Lucy xxx

P.S. Did Fran receive hers today too?

Kitty said...

What lovely quilts. I love the way the one from Fran has a little picture on each hanging tab. And the quilt you sent her is gorgeous.