Saturday, 22 December 2007

More Fog?

Well the bad news is that eldest son will not get anything stitched for Christmas this year. I did say in an earlier blog that it was going to happen but not to worry, as he knew nothing about it he will not be disappointed. It will happen sometime, I don't know when, I will let you know.
The good news is I have more photos. I have been off enjoying myself again, this time with another trip up to London town. And to prove it we have an excellent photo of ‘foggy day in London town’

It actually wasn’t that foggy but this was such a great photo I had to include it.

We had travelled in by train of course

This is Finsbury Park Station where we changed to the Tube line and met son number two at Charing Cross Station. We then walked down to the river Thames and walked across the bridge to the South Bank.

It gave us an excellent view of the river and the ‘London Eye’ .
Son number two takes credit for taking this wonderful panoramic view.

Jingle Bells was being played jazz style under the bridge

and the sight of the lost balloon caught under the bridge made me smile.

I was interested in the graffiti on the South Bank as some of my present art work is concerning text. I find this vibrant art fascinating.

You even get to see new work being formed on the spot, great timing.

We then walked back over the Thames on the bridge at Blackfriars and on to our destination…

St Paul's Cathedral

The reason for this trip to London is that youngest son, yes him again, was singing with his choir Cantate in the Carol service at St Paul’s Cathedral. It was a very splendid affair as they had incorporated the Christingle service with the carols and the lighting of the hundreds of candles in the cathedral was a very special sight. I don't know how many people were there but the cathedral was full. The singing from the choir and also when everyone joined in was just wonderful, the sound is so good in St Paul's.

This is looking up at the central dome from where we were sitting, we were very close to the front so had a good view of the choir in full voice. We were also lucky enough to have two more of the family join us for the service, they had travelled from Lincolnshire to watch youngest son.

So here is one more snap of the Cathedral and next time I post I really will get back to 'tags' and maybe postcards as well.


Fannie said...

I enjoy seeing your part of the world. Thanks for your pics and post. I'd like to visit your country some day.

morningDove said...

Isn't Fannie great. I love your pics. The graffiti was super to look at, vibrant and colorful. How did you come up with the name Honey Bee?

Anonymous said...

I visited St Paul's Cathedral in september 2007, what a beautiful place ! I really like your country !
Congratulations to your son, what a priviledge to sing in St Paul's !
I hope you enjoyed your stay in London and thank you for the pics !