Monday, 10 December 2007

Dolls and tags

Well here I am again, safe and sound and now a 2nd time blogger, I have been thinking about what I will show you and tell you about in a sharing sense and there is so much I almost went into overload. I am starting with someone else’s work; one of my students and I went on a doll-making workshop with the wonderful Gina Ferrari, you can find her at I guess the dotee dolls will distract you and also the sock people, it is quite busy at Gina’s blog as you will see. She is a delightful lady that teaches embroidery mainly but like many of us she wanders into other areas. One of these sidelines is doll making, (if you check out her website at you will see what I mean). I must make a confession here, the doll I started is not yet finished, I had a leg problem, well not me personally, my doll had a leg problem and until it is fixed she will not be ready to meet the world. That is something you have to look forward to. Meanwhile Brenda has finished her doll and it is making her debut here and on Gina’s blog. May I introduce you all to Fifi, a lady of the world.

I really hope that you are impressed, I certainly was when I first met Fifi, and I found out quickly that she is a very friendly lady. Brenda has done a really wonderful job on dressing her up ready to meet you all. Another photo I am going to show you is one of the first postcards that I have received from my postcard exchange group, this one is from Amy and came all the way from America. Most of the people in the group live in America, there is just me over here in England and a few more spread around the globe

I have made six postcards so far but I am not publishing on my blog until they are sent and hopefully delivered to their new owners.
I was introduced to a new internet group, by a member of my postcard exchange group. The group is busy using mixed media to decorate paper and extend their knowledge in the use of the many materials on the market today. Many of those we have at home in our cupboards, such as water colour paints, acrylic paints, inks and so on - well I know I have. Members are encouraged to join in with a new method each week. We are working on luggage tags and although some people have made their own I just happened to have some in a drawer !! The first week the tags were stained with coffee, here are mine.

The second week three of the tags were coloured with watercolour paints.

The third week another three of the tags were coloured with acrylic paints.

The fourth week three of the tags were marbled, no photo here as unfortunately I had to wait until I had been out and bought some shaving foam and I haven’t got around to doing it yet, or the inking, or even the dry brushing, so I am a little behind on that project but I will catch up and share the photos at a later date. Something else I hope you will be able to look forward to.


Fannie said...

Vibrant colors, Stephanie. It's great to see how different everyone's tags are. Nice work. I look forward to seeing your marbled tags.

Gina said...

Thanks for the plug Stephanie! Those tags look fabulous... another thing to try!

Julie said...

Hi Stephanie welcome to blogland! Gina sent me over here. I met her when I started blogging in June this year, she's a lovely lady. Brenda's doll is beautiful! I think I shall have to make some labels, they look very effective. I hope you enjoy your blogging! have fun!

Lesley said...

Hi Stephanie welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I found you via Gina's blog. I love Gina's work and seeing what her students have made. Brenda's doll is lovely and I hope we get to see your doll soon!
Great luggage tags. I'm all into sewing right now and daren't consider getting the paints out as the table is hard enough to find as it is!
Have fun with the blogging xxx

crafty pam said...

Go Stephanie, welcome to blogland
mine is
excuse the awful photos.

crafty pam said...

Third time lucky- Welcome to blogland Stephanie