Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Christmas is coming!

It seems that Christmas is getting nearer despite my wish it would wait just a while longer so I have time to accomplish everything I set out to do in Plan A. I am now going to Plan B and it seems I am going to more than my fair share of carol concerts this year. That is not a complaint as they are so enjoyable. On Sunday evening we went to Thaxted Church to listen to Cantate Choir sing carols, my youngest son is a member of the choir. Last night we went to the church in our town to listen to the school choirs ‘Nine Readings and Carols’. Youngest son was singing there as well. But what I am really looking forward to is on Saturday when we go to London to St Paul’s Cathedral to listen to some of the Cantate Choir again including……….yes; you were right, youngest son is amongst them. This is a family carol service where all are welcome and it is wonderful to see the cathedral full of people of all ages singing along with the choir. It is such a beautiful cathedral.Not a lot of work done here on the P & Q front but eventually I have got a little bit festive and made my door wreath. I did buy the base but added the colour and sparkle myself……….pause for applause.

I also found time to change my quilt on the wall and put up the Christmas tree. The lights are glowing a little too much but this is the best photo I can do at the moment.

In-between meetings and shopping I did find time yesterday to mail some of my postcards to my postcard exchange group and as soon as I hear they have received them I will put the photos up for you all to see. I really hope that they will get there before Christmas. I am now away to put all my shopping in the cupboards and then I will see if I can do catch up on my tags!

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