Saturday, 15 December 2007

All a bit hectic

It has been a bit of a hectic week, classes have finished and at one point I actually cleared my desk in the hope that I would get organised and get some work done. Not a lot I’m afraid. I did finish a lap quilt for DIL, I think it is the simplest quilt I have ever done but I hope she will like it. I don’t like working with browns, and the cat thing in quilts is not my scene either but you have to work with what other people like sometimes. It is really good for you and I was able to have a bit of fun as I added a bit of rust fabric and wrote lots of ‘cat type’ words around the outer border with free machine quilting, it will be good for an extra Christmas pressy and I am so lucky to have such a brilliant DIL.

I found I had to ‘make’ for this dear lady as I am hoping to finish a gift for eldest son before Christmas Eve. Time I made something for the female of the species. This is of course if I get time to sew at all. Wednesday I spent driving to Cambridge and back a couple of times as youngest son had his college interviews, one early morning and one late afternoon. It did give me a chance to do a bit of shopping although it was a tad rushed. Christmas lunch with very good friends at New Horizons Textile Group on Friday was really the highlight of my week only to be capped by finding another postcard from my postcard exchange group on the doormat when I returned home.
This one is called ‘Simply Dorothy’ and from Alicia in New Mexico, I think it is really delightful, thanks Alicia.

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