Sunday, 22 June 2008

ALERT -ALERT- - - - Bumper Picture Postcard Blog

This is a bumper picture blog as I have been receiving postcards from all over the world for the last couple of months or more and not sharing them with you. The holidays are now with me and I am taking a few hours out to clear the backlog of jobs I have. You really don't want to know how many and how much mess there is here, it is not a pleasant sight. Anyway the reason for this blog is I have found a pile of postcards that I have thanked the senders for but I have not shared them with those of you that read this blog, the few or the many which ever that might be.
The first two are from my postcard exchange group and are the last two postcards of our first swap when we started the group. There are 25 of us in this group but we split into small groups for some swaps as our lives are busy at times so we cannot join in all of them.

Firstly from Monica in Spain

and then from Jennifer in Ohio

The second batch of postcards is from a small swap our group did called 'Simple Pleasures of Nature'

From Michelle in Australia

From Debbie in the United States

from Anna who is posted in Japan with her husband and children

From Suzy, again from the USA
Another from Australia, this time from Monica

and lastly one from Gretchen from across the pond in the States.

Pretty good so far isn't it, and I have not finished yet, the next batch are from another postcard group I belong to where I don't join in with every swap but occasionally there is a swap I have time for and I think I might enjoy. That is the good thing about these groups and the swaps that go on between them, you don't have to join in with every one of them.

This group swap was called 'The Man in Your Life' and as you will see, let you know a little about the man in the swappers life and what he does with his life.

Firstly from Barbara who's man likes computers

and from Kathy whose husband is in the forces

from Lise who live in Norway and her man sometimes dresses up in a tie.

Miriam from the States has a man who likes Jazz

Sharon's and her man come from England and her man enjoys trains as you can see.

Lastly in this group is Lisa and her man from America and as you can see he likes Fishing

No, I still haven't finished, this is where you get some idea how many jobs I have piling up and how much catching up I still have to do.

The next photo's are postcards I have received from my group that are in a 'Colour' swap. Now here I also have to admit that although I have sent all my cards out to everyone of the people I have received a card from, this group has not received a 'Colour' card from me as that is another job that is one my 'catch up list' To reassure them, the postcards to do job is nearly at the top of my list!

Here we go and this is really the last pile.

From Monica in Spain this bright and cheerful card

and loads of colourful threads and fabrics from Diane in America

Suzy in San Diego sent colourful oranges growing fast in sunny California

And lastly but by no means unwanted, the most colourful postcard from Monica in Australia.

I will leave you to enjoy these cards as I have and get back to another pile of jobs that has to be sorted and a list that has to be dealt with.



Gina said...

What a lot of fabulous things to look at - some super postcards there!

Vicki W said...

These are all terrific. I like the "man in your life" theme.

Kitty said...

Oh wow - thanks for showing us those: they're fabulous. I never cease to be amazed at the talent lurking out there. x

Exuberant Color said...

The ideas for the postcards always amaze me. You have received some nice ones.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. You are a "no reply blogger" because you don't have your email on your profile so I will reply here. I'm glad you have enjoyed the evolution of my latest quilt.

silverpebble said...

Gorgeous postcards - the one with oranges is really vibrant. Lovely idea to have postcard swaps too.

Julie said...

What a beautiful collection of postcards Stephanie. They're inspired!

Thank you for leaving me a comment on my blog too. We christened the trolley yesterday when we went to an open air concert to see Katherine Jenkins!

Michelle said...

What beautiful Postcards, but.. where are the honeybees? :)