Monday, 9 March 2009

By the skin of my teeth

Monday morning and the sun is shining, getting ready for work I spied these little fellows in the garden.

And these were a gift from my grandson two years ago for ‘mothers’ day, still bringing me a smile.

A bright spot always raises the spirits and there is nothing better than the bright hope of spring around the corner

But onto why this blog is by the skin of my teeth. I had been continuing with the cutting and piecing of Judy’s Bears in the Farmhouse Quilt along and really enjoying the progress I was making, despite the last few days being so busy that I had only waved at my sewing machine in passing. I had also been looking around at other blogs and seeing the colour choices other participants had chosen and half wishing that I had chosen a more exciting focus fabric. My fabrics are decidedly subdued even by my standards. I thought I would sew a few blocks this morning and was thinking that if I did a few each day they would soon be completed so I would get the next set of instructions. I then thought that I would just check Judy’s last email to see when this stage should be finished. That’s when the panic set in, they had to be finished by today, Monday 9th March and I was just about to set off to work.

This is where I got to by teatime.

And with a bit of concentration here’s where I am now, luckily I have just finished the second step in time, whew, by the skin of my teeth.

They could be more exciting but I still like them. What do you think so far?


Gina said...

The flowers are beautiful! Your quilt blocks are pretty amazing too... I love the way you just turn them out before teatime!

Nikki said...

Ah, I remember the joy a daff could bring after a long UK winter....they promise so much.

I can't get over you quilty girls ability to pump out what looks like enormously complicated stuff. Amazing! I've heard that there are all sorts of shortcuts, but it stil looks mighty impressive to me!