Monday, 17 March 2008

Oh no, it's pink!

Pink has arrived in my life. When I was small I was a bit of a tomboy so I really didn’t like pink. I didn’t change as I grew up and after having three boys there was no reason to have pink in my life. It has even become quite a thing with my students; as they all know that I hate pink so give me the task of saying nice things about things they have stitched in pink. Don’t get me wrong; I can appreciate things made in pink and actually really like them just so I don’t have to have them in my life.

When my son blessed me with a grandchild, it was with much relief that I found I had another boy in my life. I am used to boys, they wear loads of different colours but luckily never pink. I have made lots of quilts for my young grandson and most of them are made with fabrics in bright colours that say life is fun. I rarely do pastels and if I ever do, ‘I don’t do pink’.

Well until now.

Just over a week ago we had a phone call to tell us that we had a great niece in the family. Madison Victoria has arrived in our lives so what else can you do but make this very young lady a quilt to welcome her. For some strange reason I had the need to make her a pink quilt.

One problem, no pink. No problem, I love shopping.

I thought I would find it difficult but it wasn’t. I soon returned home with a bundle of pinks in my hand and couldn’t wait to get cutting, stitching and quilting. So in no time at all I had this little project finished and on it’s way to its new owner.

She is such a beautiful baby, so petite and so deserving a pretty pink quilt. There is no other colour that would suit at her small age. I know it will not be used as a cover (safety requires that no layered item be used for bedding on small babies) but the new Mum can lay her upon it and she can be as cute as a button on her pretty pink quilt.

On to more serious things, it was the Chilford Spring Quilt Fair at the weekend and I set off with a friend to enjoy the day, look at the quilts on display and see what was new in the world of patchwork and quilting after a long cold winter.

I came home with these delicious fabrics.

What has happened to me, not only am I buying PINK I have also succumbed to gingham !!!! But won’t she look cute with a quilt in these colours.

Don’t worry though, I also bought this and some really nice fleece with dumpers, diggers and trucks on for my grandson…………..and it’s blue!!!!


zquilts said...

I've always felt the same about pink .. never wore it; always disliked it...until lately! Still can't say I love pastel pink - but I HAVE become somewhat enamored of rich pinks! Congrats on the new niece !

MargaretR said...

I enjoyed this post so much. i'm the same with pale pink and pale blue and also love boys! two sons and 4 grandsons. I do have one lovely GD too.
i used to hate turquoise, becoause my mother always dressed me in that colour, but out of the blue. I love turquoise!

Gina said...

Very pretty pink quilt.. very girlie! Being the Mum of four boys we've never had much pink (apart from my socks!)
Gina x

Carin said...

Your pink quilt turned out so beautiful! I just know it will be loved and cherished.